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sdm wrote:

What was the submission?
(PM it to me or email

if it won't let you PM it.)

But, yes, there is automatic spam filtering and it's not perfect.
However, it has reduced the amount of spam by > 95% and I'm quite happy about that.
I don't even get to read most of what's posted here anymore.
I certainly don't desire to spend lots of time deleting spam!

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Put on some deodorant and try your call again.

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i wasn't sure about the spam filter before, but now i know it's definitely doing its job.

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I've never had a problem with it. Must be a personal thing.

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That spam filter is wonky. I keep trying to tell people how I make $20 an hour working at home while setting my own schedule. I just want people to know how they could make $40k a year. Yet every time, the spam filter shuts it down.

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