Found Dog


Female cocker spaniel found at Cedar and Hazzard Streets. May be blind in left eye. Good temperament. Looking for her owner (Proof of Ownership Required) or a loving home! Please contact me.

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Can you post a picture?

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I have updated the post to contain a picture.

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What an adorable doggie. Someone has to be looking for this beautiful little lady! Best of luck! I will post on facebook for you.

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It's on twitter from FNA. To my chagrin/delight, missing animal posts always get the most clicks. Good luck!

Addendum -- Lord, already has 7 retweets, including CBS3. Almost 17000 people follow that account, I'm sure she'll find her home now

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A bunch of people re-posted on FB and I just read she was found - true??

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No one has contacted me yet. Thanks for the help. Hopefully she just got out and her family is missing her.

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BUFFY is going home!!!
Her family has been looking for her, and thanks to the help of PAC she will be going home today. She was reported missing on Saturday, and they just made the connection today. Thank you all for your help in getting Buffy back with her family.

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GREAT !!!!!

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Great News...........Good Job!!!!

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So happy to hear! YAY!

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And I would expect that first the family is required to get a registered dog license and put it on her collar.

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