hey coder

ever make scottish tablet? I think I might attempt it today, although it seems a little bit harder then I originally thought....any advice if you've made it would be appreciated.


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I've never made it, but I know what it is. Very sweet..not quite fudge. The last sweetie I had from Scotland was Edinburgh rock, which is not rock candy at all, but some odd concoction made with lots of sugar and cream of tartar. Good luck and be careful, that stuff gets hot.

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sounds like something that brews in a peat oven

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They're not exactly known for the cuisine. But it probably goes down a lot easier after a few drams of Glenfiddich.

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we used to serve tablet at the restuarant that I worked at, I couldn't keep my hands out of it, and it's probably why I gained so much weight when I lived there. it's sooooo good!!!! and seeing how difficult and time consuming it is to make, that's probably why I always got yelled at when I got caught stuffing my face with it!

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oh, and my other favorite, flapjacks....think I'll see if I can master those as well.

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Weren't we discussing Lou Reed's claim that he was a "tablet" recently? I'd ask him.

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so the flapjacks were a huge fail. good thing they only took about 15 minutes to make. the tablet on the other hand seems to have worked out very well. It took a very long time (due to a finicky stovetop that makes it impossible to find a medium low point that will bring something to a slow boil after 10 minutes) but I got it to a boiling point without burning it, it's very similar to candy making. I then finished with what tasted from the spoon to be pure bliss. I'm letting it set now and will see how it is in the morning. but from what I tasted, it seems to be pretty darn good. won't be making it regularly because it took about an hour and a half to make, but if it turns out like it should, it was well worth it!

coder, here is the website if you are ever inclined to make it


seems like this person took a lot of time to figure it all out....

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This is for Coder. Warning: extreme Scottish profanity.

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