Desperately seeking 2/3 bd rental!

After weeks of craigslist e-mails, realtor answering machines and pounding the pavement looking for RENT signs in the window, we still have not found a place to move for June 1. If anybody out there can help please let me know!! 3 adults and 2 very well behaved dogs looking for a decently sized home with a yard (the bigger the better!!) We can pay as much as $1,200 mo and would like to stay south of lehigh and east of 8th st. Thanks everybody! and have a happy mothers day!

-jamie (570-977-0417)

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Hope you find something!

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I have a property on 6th st between york and dauphin sts for 950.00 3/2 big yard, first and last required. Also has central air/heat.

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Try contacting NKCDC (New Kensington Community Dev Center). I know that they maintain a list of commercial properties for sale and for lease - I don't know about residential.

I have a 2 bedroom, 2 story, but it does not have a yard. Good Luck.

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There is a 3 story house for rent @ Cumberland & Tulip. Not sure if you looked at it but when I go by this morning I'll get the phone # for you.