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*it's *their *america

i stopped at that point.

there's a fool on every corner when you're trying to get home.

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Yeah if you can't even get that right, you shouldn't be posting videos...

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You wanna dance? LET'S DANCE!

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C'mon man, seriously?

"collapsed on it's self"
"resurrected there economy"
"It's not till the economic crisis hit's does America realize..."
"America must ensdure these hard times untill our goverment"

Those are just the four that I managed to type out. The problems with tense and modifiers were numerous and I'm sure there were other spelling errors I missed.

The message is incredibly over-simplified. Ominous music does not hide the fact that there is absolutely no critical analysis that gives credibility to any of the statements made in this video. Plus, the idea that America "did this to itself" is not really news.

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uhhh... que?

“Try to learn to let what is unfair teach you.” – David Foster Wallace

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he's just a stoner kid.

His other video.



What's the point?

Godwin was basically a Nazi.

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dan wrote:
What's the point?


On the advice of someone who probably queened-out, this signature has been deleted.