Anyone play trumpet?

Might anyone be interested in playing Taps at the VFW Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday at Palmer Cemetery? ...otherwise they have to play a recording.

I'm still not sure of the start time but pretty sure its somewhere around 11am. I will find out the details. oh and this would be pro bono of course.

PM me if interested.

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I doubt that you will find anybody on this website.

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memphis wrote:
I doubt that you will find anybody on this website.

I would generally disagree with that. besides, musicians aren't haters. if they're available, they will come.

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Praying that at least one comes forward. My cousin use to play the bugle in band; I loved hearing him play.

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I haven't played the bugle in 15 years, and I don't know where mine is, otherwise I'd step up.

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I play horn, not trumpet. And my husband plays tuba...maybe not the most traditional instruments for the occasion, but we would be happy to play. I can also ask around, as I know many trumpet players... Please PM me with details.

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hey britto, check your pm's. I think the standard solo trumpet/bugle would be the best for this situation but I suppose a sax/tuba rendition could work if we kept that somber vibe intact? I guess anything is better than a recording.

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I play french horn, not sax, so it isn't as far off as it may have seemed. I put a shout out to my trumpet friends to see if anyone is available. Otherwise, I can always play as a backup. Anything to keep you from having to use a recording!

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Ah sorry. I hear 'horn' and immediately think sax. ....actually I think a french horn would be perfect! Thank you so much britto! Lets exchange contact info. PM me.

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so I was just told the organizers need to hear the person play first. So unless you're willing to audition first forget it. So much for trying to inject new life into this event...