Bandit Signs to be Legalized?


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Legitimately good idea to allow citizens to remove and submit bandit signs to the city for a small commission of the eventual fine. It will be a new revenue stream for the trashpickers and it will actually make the city look better.

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Then you'd have the neer do wells making them just to turn them in.

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I'm not sure that the City intends just ANYONE to collect the 50 cents for returning a bandit sign.

This is the bill amendment:

If the City intends to allow ANYONE to collect the $0.50 per sign at any time with no restrictions or questions asked, then I would support it because a lot of junkies and homeless would be storm-trooping all over Philadelphia removing these things off of poles. But I doubt that's the intention.

Councilman Johnson wants the sign law repealed. The bill here looks like only the person taking out the $1/sign permit can collect the $0.50/sign deposit. Given that the city does ZERO enforcement right now and the fine is $75... honestly, what enforcement will there be on this law?

Why pay the $1 at all when I know the City will do nothing?

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Why would they have L&I run the Bandit Sign Application program? Street lights and poles are part of the right-of-way, which means Streets should be in charge. I suppose L&I is better equipped to handle the processing of applications, but this confuses the boundary between Streets and L&I. "Inside the property line" versus "outside the property line" is a pretty simple distinction we should maintain.

You're right though that no person who is already breaking the law would suddenly follow this one.

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Wait, a question. Right now, I believe that the code allows for "temporary" signs, provided they are removed after so many days. Yard sale signs, event signs, etc.

Do I have that right, and will this change require those signs to pay $1 for the stamp?

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The code as it currently exists blocks all signage including lost dog/cat.

This change allows you to get those approved.

But really... you knock out some signs with magic marker or a laser printer: will you go to the trouble of, on a work day, going down to the City to pay the deposit? I don't think so!

And if you put up signs without a stamp---what's the City gonna do? Nothing.

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We just ripped down 8 of those signs around Hetzell's last evening.

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Now this is a bandit sign I can support:

Neatly chiseled, well groomed, drop dead handsome face.