break in on the 2100 block of cumberland.


Men were moving the new kitchen cabinets from the house to trenton avenue. Fast police time! The guys ran off though.

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super kudos to the cops for moving the furniture back into the house!

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Can you explain further what happened? I'm guessing someone tried to walk into their house while the doors were opened?

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Not unusual. I've seen a house get three sets of kitchen cabinets before it was ever shown. The last time they took the appliances too. People know the house isn't occupied, and everything in it is new. So they steal it. Usually houses with back access.

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The guys actually came back at 5. They were noisy and it woke me up. I called the cops they came out again. I got a description that time of the truck, but I couldn't see the plates. cops came immediately. after they left, about 10 mins later the guys came back again but I think the one guy saw me and they quickly left. I got a better description and called it in directly to the district.

Spoke with the contractor this morning. He thinks they got in through a back window on the second floor. He says they deff weren't his employees because they were white and all his guys are Hispanic. I'm thinking when I saw them again at 5 they had been there before that because apparently they got just about the whole kitchen and I only saw 3 cabinets.

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Can you provide more detail about how they got in the window on the second floor? Was it open or did they force it? Did they bring a ladder?

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Im really not sure. on how they exactly got in, the contractor just told me he believed they came in through a window on the 2nd floor.