Bus rehabbed as trolley

Saw this parked outside Rocket Cat this morning. Tried to find the owner to get the story but he was either getting a coffee or going to church.

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Thats a old track less trolly I think, from the PTC days

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biggeo wrote:
Thats a old track less trolly I think, from the PTC days

Ah cool -- yes it had a PTC logo on the side so that must be it.

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That's really cool.

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The old trackless trolleys ran on electricity and still had that electrical poll. This doesn't have tha so I'm assuming it's just and old 50's diesel bus.

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saw this going up Frankford today. Is it somebody's personal vehicle? A expensive toy for an over ambitious civic?

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I love it, regardless of the genealogy.

If any of you trolley/transit buffs ever make it out to San Francisco, do yourself a favor and catch a ride on the "F" Line (at least I think that's the one). It's entirely made up of perfectly restored vintage trolleys from all over (including Philly), complete with pictorial and written histories inside. The wooden ones from Milan (with their Italian signage) are beautiful.