car blew up in quick stop parking lot

was laying on the couch. heard a car horn going a while. then what sounded like gun shots. after 5 minutes went to check it out. people running down streets. car exploded in the quick stop lot! anyone know whats up?

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i figure there's no way a car just explodes like that. had to be arson/coverup for something, right?

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nice picture. i have a 75 second video of it around the time that the fire engine finally showed up (must have been blazing for a good 5 minutes before then) and you can clearly hear a kid yell at the firefighter "Yo, there's bullet in the car!". i'm like, dude, that's what a car sounds like when it's exploding!

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I stole it from facebook so i cant take the credit :-)

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Did it start with an explosion, or did it turn into one after it caught on fire? Cars do catch on fire and I saw a burned out one recently at 8th & Spruce (unlikely spot to torch a car). But I've also seen cars get torched in Fishtown so it is suspicious.

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Yes, cars do sometimes just catch fire. Happened right outside the last place I was in once before. IIRC, the electrical shorted somehow and the whole thing went up. Burned up the tree next to it and the car behind it (which would have been my car had I not been out of town).

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I think someone tried to put gas in the engine and it caught fire.