City Gardens

I used to love going here. Anyone frequent this place in the early 90's or before? Any particular bands that you saw there that were memorable? I do believe it has been leveled and is no longer.

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Where is 'here'. I see nothing.

"Je Suis Prest"

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Here is City Gardens.
I used to go there in the mid-to-late 80's. I saw Fear there (which for some reason had a much higher than usual racist skinhead atendance). Agnostic Front. The Angry Samoans (kicked out during the first song), MDC ... I forget who else. City Gardens was a hike if you're too young to drive, so I usually went to the Kennel Club for shows.

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I used to go there a lot. My usual hangouts were Club Pizazz, Frienze Tavern, harlan Theatre, ABC No Rio, Kennel Club, the Y on Christian st and City Gardens.

The good ole days....

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I used to love going to City Gardens. I didn't really like the music, I just liked running over people's feet and calling it dancing. Jon Stewart used to call me Larry Flynt which I thought was really funny until I found out how Larry Flynt made all his money. Then I was just sad.

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I spent many nights here when I was 14/15/16 years old - before Randy turned it into a dance club. I saw more bands than I care to remember, but the two that come to mind most quickly are the Bosstones for the DKHP release tour (half the room stormed the stage), and a Green Day show for the Dookie record release.