Denim Sale


With Wings On Our Feet
Curiosity Shop
2227 E. Cumberland St
(corner of cumberland and tulip)

Like new jeans $6, Tattered or Worn jeans $3 sizes 0 - 18

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Small businesses deserve a chance too. We all have to survive.

austen's picture

This supports a local business - a worthy cause in most folks minds.

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Thank you austen!

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Wings is a great little shop with friendly staff.

Kat's picture

This is a great little shop. I don't go in there enough. I just never have any money these days. Love it there. And yes, they are very cool too.

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Are you featuring Pajama Jeans?

memphis's picture

Yes, they are lovely. They go with my mumu.

"We have two evils to fight, capitalism and racism. We must destroy both racism and capitalism."

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CapeMay, an independently owned and run shop is about as far from big business as one can get. My shop has many items on consignment from the neighbors. So it wouldn't only be me and my business that you are supporting. It is your very own neighborhood.

NeilPuck, No pajama jeans as of yet. Maternity jeans are almost like pajama jeans tho and i do have a pair of those.

Thank you everyone for your support!