Flea Market on Cumberland Street

Just found out that our street is having a flea market this weekend!

"This Sunday August 26th, there will be a multi-family sidewalk sale/flea market on the 2200-2400 blocks of Cumberland Street. There will be all kinds of items including clothes for all ages, household items, electronics, toys, amongst other things."

I will be selling as much crap as I can....college is expensive.

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This is news to me! Is it on all 3 blocks you mentioned or just the 2300 block? I'm confused.

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Bump. Hoping it is still on and it it doesn't rain. BTW I have a pretty large dog crate I am selling. I found it in the basement - thought we had given it away.

Dmandy: it's on the 2200-2400 blocks of Cumberland

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All our stuff is out and the flea market is in full swing! Come stop by the 2200 - 2400 blocks of Cumberland and pick up some cool stuff. crib mattress, nice appliances, books, bikes, and more treasures. I don't want to haul this stuff back in the house, so please come buy it! (BTW the neighbors' stuff looks awesome!)

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Any tools?

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