Go To Hell, Stop Snitching


2:45pm – The victim leaves her house for the market to buy an afternoon snack.
3:00pm – The victim’s mother realizes that her daughter should have returned home. She checks the corner store where she was supposed to be and cannot locate her daughter.
3:10pm – The victim’s mother calls 911 to report her daughter missing.
3:15pm – The victim returns home and informs her mother that she had been abducted and sexually assaulted.
3:20pm – Police are dispatched to the victim’s home and begin the investigation.
3:45pm – 25th District officers notify the Special Victims Unit and investigators are dispatched.
4:20pm – Officers interview the store owners and view surveillance video.
5:15pm – A photo of a male fitting the description of the offender is discovered by investigators.
5:50pm – SVU investigators send the photo to the Public Affairs Unit.
6:10pm – The photo is released to the public via the news media.
6:20pm – A concerned Philadelphian recognizes this dangerous offender and directs police to his residence.
6:25pm – Marcise Turner (black male, 22 years-of-age, of the 2000 block of East Huntingdon Street) is arrested by 26th District officers.
A dangerous criminal commits an unspeakable crime at 3pm and is brought to justice before the end of the evening news. This is a shining example of the results that can be achieved when Philadelphians stand up for their fellow citizens.


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Now THAT'S what I am talkin about!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A MILLION thanks goes out to the resident who recognized the photo and reported this waste of a human being to PPD.

On the advice of someone who probably queened-out, this signature has been deleted.

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"Save me Jebus!!"



The original post on the PPD site was obviously meant as a publicity blurb for the PPD (and they deserve good publicity on this one). However, it's cooperation that makes all the difference. Way to go citizens!

Godwin was basically a Nazi.

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On a related note: Face tattoos are a pretty bad decision if you want to NOT be caught after committing a crime. They sort of stick out.

Good to see the people of Philadelphia sticking up for each other. So much for "stop snitching".

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I commend the people who turned this suspect in.

That said, the culture of "stop snitching" has generally been much less likely to cover up for those who sexually abuse children (especially children who are abducted and/or attacked in public) than it has for other crimes. Sexually molesting children is the one thing that unifies most people in getting angry about. (Thus the old adage that the pedophile is looked down on in prison by the murderers and the other rapists.)

NOT meant to take anything away from what was done here, just saying that it may not quite portend the sea change we hope it does. Nonetheless, I hope it does.

Godwin was basically a Nazi.

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As Dan says, I too am not trying to take away anything from the brave citizen who stepped up and identified this pedophile but the person who called in with the information was at no risk of any retaliation. More than likely the person who pointed the police in the right direction won't even be identified. While the whole "stop snitching" problem is much more complex than it appears to be on its surface (a long history/stigma that police aren't there to help the black community, snitches being perceived as rats and cowards, etc) if the person who made the positive id risked being placed in any danger by making the id the probability of him stepping forward would've been decreased. I think about the case not too long ago of the store clerk who was killed because she was a suspected witness to a previous murder. It's a sad state of affairs and I wish things would change, but, unfortunately it's the world we live in.

When the king speaks, fishtown.us would be wise to listen.

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On that note, what ever ended up happening to that perversion investigation on E York St? I remember hearing about it last summer/fall.

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Snitches get stitiches, end up in ditches......and get 20K now!