Good school

Looking for an upscale private school in the neighborhood. Does anyone know of any?

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"Je Suis Prest"

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Okay..That was rude. Sorry. Couldn't resist..
Private?- I'm assuming that means Catholic school?..We're talking Fishtown, right?-Yes.
Upscale?- Refer to above photo.
I would also check out the public elementary schools in your catchment before you write them off , you might be surprised...In a good way.

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My daughter goes to Frankford Friends. It's a great school, near the neighborhood. There are a lot of parents from Fishtown that send thier kids there.

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St Peters School @ 3rd and Lombard.

It's an awesome school, my daughter is in 6th grade and loves it... there are 18 kids in her class and they get divided into 2 groups for math, english, french and history.

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Not sure if you want to go to a Catholic School, but St. Mary Interparochial on 5th and Locust is a great school. Only about 5 minutes away. We have been there for years. Starting next year they will teach Spanish for every grade and already have one of the very best art programs in the city. Lots of concentration on highschool prep which has served by daughters well. Could not be happier. I know they have a waiting list for K right now.

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My daughter takes the school bus w the St Mary's students... they are nice kids.