Happy Birthday Soul Man!

Hope it's the best one yet :)

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...and thank you for putting up with us all these years :)

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday ! enjoy ...

To be ones self and unafraid, right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformaty. Irving Wallace.

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Happy Birthday, Dan! You share the special date with Lena Horne, Mike Tyson, and Johan the Standvastige, monarch of Saxon.

Sorry about the cake but this was all I could find on such short notice:


george wrote:

best. cake. ever.

Godwin was basically a Nazi.

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I can only hope for second place with this one.

This one is for our own fishtown lawyer.

Love is a Mattlefield.

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Happy birthday, from one righteous soul brother to another. I hope you get lots of midnight passion.