Home breakin 1300 block E Susquehanna


Hey everyone,

I've been reading this forum on and off for a couple years but never posted. Just wanted to let everyone know that at 12:30 this afternoon we had a burglary at our house on Suesquehanna ave between Thompson and Belgrade. The thief entered through a backyard window and came away with 2 laptops, I realized someone had invaded the home from an upper story bedroom, and when he realized I was aware of his presence he bolted out before I could get a good enough look at him to provide a real description to the police.

We've been on the block for a few years now and never had a problem. Most of our neighbors have been here much much longer and say they've never experienced anything like this. Just wanted to inform everyone in the area that this person is potentially out there, and if I didn't happen to be home, we probably would have lost much more in a crime that occured in broad daylight.

I don't want to worry people or send people on some sort of detective chase, but the immediate neighbors that I talked to were appreciative for the information and I'm sure there are people close by on here that I don't know who may also want to know. Apparently its cool to break into houses at noon now. Great.

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So sorry this happened to you. Thank you for posting to give us all a heads up; I will cross post this to the Safer Streets for Fishtown FB page.

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Thanks. It's great to live in a neighborhood where everyone looks out for one another. I still maintain the guy is an idiot for not taking the n64

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Is this the even or odd number side of the block of Susquehanna?

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Good heads up. It I hear of anyone trying to sell some laptops, I'll let you know. (I'm on Belgrade, around the corner.)

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So scary! Glad to hear you are ok. (very shaken up I'm sure) A few years ago, my house was broken into the same way also durning the middle of the day. Our windows have little tabs you can pop out so they won't open more than 6 inches. I keep those out all the time now.

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FYI on those tabs: those are not locks--they are for child safety. Those tabs won't guard against an adult shoving one open. Common misunderstanding.

Sorry this happened, OP. Super scary.

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What day did this happen. Ill look on my video camera to see if I can see anything.

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It was last friday. Thanks for looking out.

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Stand your ground.

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