House for cash mail

Has anyone else received a flyer in the mail WRITTEN IN SHARPIE for sale your home for cash from Barag and Decave real estate . Sounds so legit

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The usual local realtors looking at city property records. They check what you owe on it first, figure what they can get for it on open market( or flip it to a dummie investor) Sure, they'll but it all right. Will offer you maybe 40% what its worth or just enuff to pay off your existing mortgage.

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My house is paid off . I just love that its written in sharpie .


Some folks actually trust Sharpie better than typesetting and graphics because they think it's more "real person" and less "corporate".

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My block got the orange printed ones last week. Maybe they ran out and went the handwritten route

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I always get the ones in the mail that look like they were written with a Sharpie -- ain't computers great.

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Some folks actually bite at these offers because they got high interest debt and they don't know in a Chapter 9 you keep your house and all your other debt except student loans is wiped out. It's called a fresh start bankruptcy.

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