Isn't there anything that will get you fired from the Philly police force?


So far, this is not enough to do it:
1) not doing your job (repeatedly sleeping on patrol, loafing on the job, not completing required paperwork in a case where it's alleged you stole $1200)
2) being incompetent (letting a prisoner escape due to carelessness)
3) violating the rules of your employer (continuing a chase outside of your district, "repeated violations of police rules")
4) having sex on duty, in uniform, in your patrol car (even if it was consensual, which the other person says it wasn't.)
5) lying in a death investigation

Godwin was basically a Nazi.

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My dad left the force in the late 80's, after 18 years on the job (just couldn't hold out for 2 more years!). This is the main reason he left. They started really dumbing down the requirements to get in the academy, including creating a comic book (!) to help people get in. He couldn't stand being around so many incompetent people, many of whom got promotions. My dad would give you an earful if you talked to him about this stuff (he gave me an earful when I told him that 18 calls about one problem house in 2 years is not enough to warrant doing anything).

So no, I don't think there is a way to get fired from the police dept.

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My cousin just reached 21 years ( he is 43 ) and he is sick of it . He cant wait till he can retire with a full pension .

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My dad was on the job for over 30 years. If I were ever arrested, I would want it to be by a cop like him.
He told me once he would lock up a pregnant lady named Mary, on a mule going to Bethlehem, if she were going the wrong way.

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My uncle was like that . Followed the letter of the law nothing more , nothing less with alil common sense thrown in for good measure .

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I talked to a retired detective in Port Richmond, but he served back in the red patrol car days. Same stuff already repeated here.

PPD is an organization of humans. There's a freshman college course, Human Behavior in Organizations, that describes how any kind of large human hierarchy works. It's a field of study that doesn't get lots of attention but it's a GOLD MINE if you just read the textbook.

It's not a cheap book because it's a coursebook, so find a gently-used copy. The reading level is about high school sophomore. I'm sure philo/sociology academia has moved on to some other tome, but for me that text was a good learning guide.

There's some other tomes that look at the pathology of big organizations (companies, government, schools, non-profits) and why large organizations with strong public moral codes behave badly (like the Roman Catholic Church).

I will say this about Commissioner Ramsey though: I wonder what police commissioner in recent memory, other than Chuck Ramsey has fired so many police officers who were obviously unfit to wear the badge.

The Tepper nonsense was only a month ago and the PPD and the DA's office handled that thing beautifully.

Also: The captain of the Port Richmond District (the 24th) was removed and a great guy was installed in his place.

There is no doubt that there are bad apples in the police force, but they're getting rooted out and removed a lot faster than I can ever remember.

Avvo, the Linked-In for lawyers, unfortunately ranked Philadelphia among the most corrupt cities in America and highlighted a PPD case to boot:

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Did I ever mention that I used to work for the firm that represented FOP5?

Next time I am hard on the cops, you know why.

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