Mail From Constable For Old Owner Of Our Home

I just brought in our mail and included in the usual stack of junk was a letter from the PA State Constable addressed to the last owner of our house. It's in a really thin envelope so I was able to read that it says "FINAL AND ONLY NOTICE BEFORE ARREST." So, what do I do about this? Do I just mark it as "return to sender" tomorrow? I'm obviously slightly concerned because someone thinks that the old seller still owns our house (which we purchased over a year ago). We're wondering if we have to worry about someone knocking on our door looking for the old owner? Thoughts?

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I doubt they think the person still own the house, your address is probably the last they have on record, or they can't get in touch with the guy and they are just mailing to any address they have on file. All you can really do is send it back, noting that there is no such person at the address.

Similar thing happened to me when I used to live in Powelton Village. I just blacked out the bar code on the letter, and wrote "Return to sender - no such person" on the envelope. If you don't black out the bar code, the automated system might just send it right back to you.

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I came home once and had a business card from a Detective with a hand-written note on it that read, 'call as soon as you return home'. Nearly crpped my pants, but it was for the previous home-owner.

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I would open it and see if there was a number to call . You do not want a warrant or Fugitive squad knocking (down) on your door . Even though i know you are not allowed to open others mail .

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Call the constables office and tell them, then I would put it in another envelope readdress it and put a note asking them to update the records. Doing this will help but - I will warn you we did these things and still had the warrant squad drop by - how ever they knocked which was much more pleasant than using the battering ram they had already outside the truck...

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Yeah, we gave the constable (in Chester County) a call today and let him know that the guy no longer owns this house or resides here. Hopefully that will help keep away any unwelcome warrant squads.

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