Performers wanted

I am planning my wedding... and I need circus performers. Fire breathers. dancer. Those people who twirl ribbons and hang from things.... You get the picture. Anyone know of.... anyone. LOL. I'm not filthy rich, not even close, and I am paying for my own wedding, but I have always had an image in my head of what I want and I am trying my hardest to make it happen on a crap paycheck and a whole lot of do it yourself.

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Contact the Phila. School of the Circus Arts. I am sure you can book some of the students, reasonably.

Keep Smiling Beautiful Ones, the World Needs Your Light.

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That sounds really cool Dani!

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There's a group called Phantasmagoria Circus Sideshow that performed @ Bookspace in Fishtown & other First Fridays, I think. No idea where they're from but they must be fairly local.

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Yes, they have a fb page, they've been down the Little Bar and National Mechanics.
There is also these guys...

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Thank You everyone! I am trying my hardest to make it awesome, Hopefully we can put what is going on in my head together with just a few people and a lot of thinking. Anyone who helps is welcome to attend! It is going to either me a night to remember, or bloody awful and you can telly our friends about it over drinks.

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I tried to find video of the linked performers. And I can't find the contact info for Phantasmagoria. lol.
Im still trying, thank you.

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