Please Help Find Joe "Babe" McGeehan



Please help us find this missing person. He was last seen last Saturday at 10:30PM driving eastbound on Cottman Avenue towards Frankford Ave. He was in a 2007 Jeep Liberty.

The Jeep has been found at Unruh and State Road at the Delaware River.

No one has seen or heard from him since 10:30 PM on Saturday. He was last seen leaving Calloway's Irish Inn in the NE (Cottman Avenue & Rowland Street) headed eastbound on Cottman Avenue (heading towards Frankford Ave.). He was driving a black 2007 Jeep Liberty which has since been recovered at Unruh and State Road near the Delaware River.

He was headed to the Wissinoming Yacht Club (5100 Devereaux Street) to meet up with friends and never showed up.

He is a 31 year old white male, approximately 5'9"-5'10", weighs 135-140lbs with short brownish hair and a goatee. He has the word "Babe" tattooed on his right forearm in old English letters and a green, white and orange Celtic clover surrounded with the words "In loving memory of Burr" tattooed on his left forearm. He also has the word "Erin" tattooed on his upper left chest.

If you have seen or heard from since 10:30 PM Saturday night or have any information related to his whereabouts please contact me immediately . His family is deeply worried and concerned. I would sincerely appreciate it if you guys could repost this and spread the word.

If you have any information about Joe, please call 911 immediately. His family is searching for him.

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please call my cell phone if you or anyone you know work in a hospital and have a john doe show up. My name is Erin 267-226-4455

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Please help with the search for babe (Joe McGeehan).. Family and friends are at Unruh & State rd. River search.. We have no help we are doing it on our own.. The police have called off the search. Call all news stations to get them out there. The more help and calls they recieve the better our chances are to bring him home. PLEASE HELP!!!

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I'm so sorry for your situation!

If I was home I would bring you all coffee and snacks.

Well wishes from Maryland.

Keep strong!

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I am so sorry - he is in our thoughts and prayers for a safe return. Don't give up hope!

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Is he a fishtowner?

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I hope Joe makes it home soon, safe and unharmed. I am sorry that you have to deal with this anxiety. That's horrible. I wish I could do something to help. I will ask around. I pray you find him soon.

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This is so scary. Why are the police not involved? I find that confusing.

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Conflicting reports state that Joe's jeep was pulled from the river either Monday or Tuesday. He was NOT inside his jeep. His family and friends are all at State and Unruh searching along the shoreline, as well as up and down the Delaware river, in PA and NJ. They have been there all week, with no help from Police. There has been no media attention to this story. Local news channels will not air the story without authorization from the police, which they apparently will not give. His family is out there, every day, from 7am till it's too dark and unsafe to walk anymore. All they want is to bring their son, brother, uncle, and friend home. Please, if everyone can take an hour out of their day to help the search, or gather a few dollars to buy some coffee/donuts, flashlights, sweatshirts, anything at all. Spread the word, give Joe a voice!! Facebook has been the only outlet for his family so far. If you would like to help, all you have to do is show up, or contact one of the following people;

Frankie Grantano @
Lisa Berry @ 215-758-3930

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No, he is from the NE. A lot of his friends and family are from Fishtown though.

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I can't even imagine. So sorry you're going through this.


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Hi everyone! Joseph (Babe) McGeehan has been found. His body was pulled from the river yesterday morning at the spot where his jeep went in. The family is selling "In Loving Memory of Babe" bracelets , they are orange with black writing. They can be picked up on Wednesday. $10 each, all proceeds will go towards his service costs. Thank you everyone in advance. You can contact me to purchase one. Thank you for help and concern during this time.

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:( So sorry to hear about this, but so glad that the family will get some closure.

Can you see my rolling eyes cresting over York Street as you read this?

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Thank you. Our minds are at ease bt are hearts are broken


So sad. Sympathies are with the family.

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Sincere condolences.

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that's so sad. i'm very sorry for your loss.

“Try to learn to let what is unfair teach you.” – David Foster Wallace

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Hey everybody, I've been in touch with the family on this and I got this in an email today. Just wanted to pass it along.
"Just to let everyone know that "Babe's" services will be held on Thursday January 26 at McCafferty Funeral Home located at 6711 frankford Ave. Services begin at 8:30am. Veiwing will be until 11:00 am followed by burial at Holy Sepulchre cemetary were he will be laid to rest with our brother "Burr". PLease repost so that everyone is made aware of his arrangements. Thank you, The Mcgeehan Family"

Hayden Mitman
Staff Reporter
Northeast Times and Star Newspapers

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This is very sad. Prayers go out to his family and friends. :(

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Unhappy to hear this. Relieved that he was found.