Pringles The Dog *Really* Needs A Home


I promise I won't become one of these people who puts up countless posts about dogs needing homes, but a friend of mine found this pup over a month ago and brought her to ACCT. She's survived there for that long and really needs out ASAP! Pringles comes with a dowery - a bag of premium dog food, treats and 4 behavioral consultations to brush up on any adjustment issues she may be having (2 donated by her rescuer and 2 matched by me). Please check her out!

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I just posted on my facebook and asked all my friends to re-post. She is adorable. I would totally adopt her but Nunzio would have a thrombo.

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What a stinkin cutie pie. I REALLY hope someone comes through for her!!! If she's made it this long at ACCT it's probably because she's a good girl and should be easy to find a home for! So, fingers crossed for Pringles (love that name)