Wanted: Artistic Painter

Me and Leo got a Fish sign. We want someone to paint it to say "The Fishtown Lawyers" and make it look cool.

Any takers...?

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If you don't have any takers, let me know. A woman next to my shop in Mt. Airy does hand painted signs and she's done quite a few others. Nice work. She did mine.

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Jordan wrote:
to say "The Fishtown Lawyers" and make it look cool.

Any takers...?


"vinegar of lil richard ninja" , yo

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whoever does it should dot the i with a tiny bow tie,

"vinegar of lil richard ninja" , yo

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Just form the letters in bacon. Good enough.

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Sean Gallagher. 267- 977 -7121. His name has been posted a few times on this site. Good friend of mine and cousin of Jeffro. From Fishtown and has done a ton of work in the area ( Milkcrate, Sketch) also did Union Transfer , Ortliebs and Morgans Pier. Does this full time and will give your nothing but the best.

Repurposing the neighborhood!


Phone: 267-918-6375

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just had a guy come in the bar tuesday..he sat outside n painted the bar..did an excellent job..his name is David Ohlerking (painter)..8oo n . 2nd st..unit 224 phone number 512-296-6624 or his email address is

stop buy Lukes bar where its nice to be nice !

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On this same topic...looking to have a fish sign re-painted/brought back to life...the one hanging in front of Ed's Barbershop, on corner of Girard and Montgomery. If anyone is interested in taking on the task, please PM me - thank you!

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Sean Gallagher is a great choice, but if he's overbooked, I've done sign painting and hand lettering for over two decades (Ohlerking is good too, but I'm not sure he can color inside the lines ;p). Also teamed up with Roger Petersen (local painter and illustrator)- send a PM my way for any artistic painting needs. Can do preliminary graphics in Photoshop & Illustrator for approval.

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I am ready and able to letter anything need be lettered.

My past clients include Milkcrate Cafe, Crave Manhattan, Ortlieb's Lounge, Morgan's Pier, Union Transfer, Loco Pez, Buckminster Green, Lucy's Hat Shop, Sketch Burger, Arrow Swim Club, etc.

Although I keep a very tight schedule, I will make due time to give your project the attention needed in the preliminary sketch stages all the way through to sign being hung.

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