How did you end up here at the new server?

automagically (I said go to and it did)
84% (31 votes)
by my own technical wizardry (editing hosts file, etc.)
16% (6 votes)
Total votes: 37


bonzombiekitty's picture

auto magically. Had the message show up telling me the DNS had not been updated yet, so I tried putting the IP in directly, which led me to the default cPanel(ish) page. Then I went back and reloaded the normal URL and here I am.

george's picture

Last thing I remember is being in a DeLorean.

FishtownYo's picture

Do people really have their host files set to link FTUS properly? I thought most people use host files on internet sites to disable reporting of downloaded hacked sw back to the manufacturer.

I use host all the time in my job on private networks though since a lot of my customers do not seem to understand proper DNS routing when it comes to domains vs workgroup settings....

I did screw with my wife redirecting facebook to myspace one time though

Coder's picture

I don't even know what a host file is.

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Between Chrome extensions and this: I haven't seen an ad on the Internet in years.