6th Annual St. LauRUNtius Fishtown 5k

Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 10:00am

Race through the streets of Fishtown in the 6th Annual St. Laurentius Fishtown 5k. Afterwards, stick around for the block party with food, music and fun for the kids.
All proceeds benefit St. Laurentius School. www.stlaurentius.org.


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2016-04-23 0028 by Roman Blazic
2016-04-23 0118 by Roman Blazic

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Note new (actually original) start/finish in front of school at 1612 E. Berks street this year.

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08 2014-04-12 stl10118 by Roman Blazic4

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Hey quick question. What time should people arrive to pick up bib?

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You can get there anytime after 8:45am

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does it typically start on time? i see 10am listed. curious because we have some other things going on Saturday. trying to figure out if there is time. thanks

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It's pretty close to a 10am start time. There may be a delay as the runners are given the instructions and details on the route, but that may only delay the start by 5-10 minutes.

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Joe's right, we will usually start between 10 and 10:15.

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Race route is on www.fishtown5k.org