Zoning Meeting 3.16.2017 (Rescheduled from the 14th)

Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 7:00pm

436 E Girard Ave
Proposal for the manufacturing of cider, as well as sit down restaurant and cider bar

1323R E Montgomery Ave
Proposal for the creation of 6 dwelling units and 12 offstreet parking spaces.

This meeting will take place at the FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 418 E Girard Ave. All residents and business owners in Fishtown are eligible to vote. Please bring proof of residence or business ownership in the form of a driver’s license or a photo id and a lease, utility bill, or recent piece of mail addressed to your home or business.


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And Deb said, "It's our 20th anniversary." "No wonder it snowed."

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I don't remember the vote count. 436 Girard was a no brainer yes which was clearly reflected in the vote tally: something like 100+yes to 4 no. 1323R was something like a 5 yes to 100+ no. The worst of it was some personal confrontations during the meeting. After the meeting an act of intimidation could have led to violence as reported by an eyewitness.
Matt gave clear informative information regarding the project and again the workings of the zoning committee's input. This is to be commended as a further addition to the meetings.
He was receptive to listen to a suggestion that the zoning committee report to the ZBA be made public. I hope this comes about because, in my view, would be another feather in his cap, the zoning committee and the FNA.

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Another incident of intimidation was report yesterday. (name witheled) This allegedly happened at the corner of Palmer and Girard. Two community participant ladies reported that it involved a motor vehicle which was stopped at the traffic light as they were crossing Gorard Avenue. The identified driver, in very close proximate to the ladies, forcefully revved their engine at a high rate as they passed in front of the car. It ceased as soon as they were out of harms way.
Both incidents of alleged intimidating threat were identified as zoning participant presenters. There may be another explanation opposing what was reported and observed.
Other supportive details will remain private.

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"(name witheled)
alleged intimidating threat were identified as zoning participant presenters.
There may be another explanation.
Other supportive details will remain private."

Roman, I am not sure what is being implied here, but the manner in which you are reporting on it will not do anything to help. Who? What? Why? All you are really doing is fanning the flames of suspicion and mistrust. It is not helping.

I sincerely hope that these women report the incident to the police if in fact it was an act of intimidation.

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RIP to grammar

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There's a huge difference in being in the grandstand and being on the field of play. Your provocativeness betrays your implied sincerity. The most sincere thing you can do is stay out of it.
Dedicate a prayer to the Lady of the Roses for guidance.

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I would just like to thank whatever friendly, kind neighbor who, after the ZBA hearing for 1323R E Montgomery Ave., stated that I should be careful not to be run over, or have my house burned down. Super classy.

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Welcome to the hood....that's a shame hoping they are idle threats only.