Zoning Meeting 3.7.2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 7:00pm

1212 E Fletcher St
Proposal for converting and existing single family home into a (2) dwelling unit multifamily use.

2345-49 E Susquehanna Ave
Proposal for the conversion of an existing church into a single family home with a tattoo / graphic design shop.

This meeting will take place at the Fishtown Rec Center, 1202 E Montgomery Ave. All residents and business owners in Fishtown are eligible to vote. Please bring proof of residence or business ownership in the form of a driver’s license or a photo id and a lease, utility bill, or recent piece of mail addressed to your home or business.


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2345-49 E Susquehanna Ave: here's a look inside if you missed it http://romanblazicwordsandpictures.blogspot.com/2016/10/fishtown-church-for-sale.html

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I love it...it would be cool to convert into a loft.

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this will be cool. they have done a lot of design work around the city for local businesses

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1212 E Fletcher St : A short time after this post appeared and right up until yesterday afternoon there was no orange zoning notice to be seen.
Does anyone know different?

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The orange notices relate to the ZBA hearing at the city - not the local FNA meeting. They are required to be posted and photographed in place 21 days before the hearing date at the ZBA. I would speculate that the 21 day mark is still a ways out. The last couple of projects I did, the timing worked out in a way that the orange posters went up well after the FNA hearing. (The FNA calendar has been pretty full of late).

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The developer is continuing the project from its original ZBA date (today) because it was before our meeting (tonight). Therefore the poster would have been incorrect information as the ZBA hearing would be at a later date.

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I'm an orange zoning notice