area flea markets?


Does anyone know of any flea markets this weekend in fishtown, bridesburg or port richmond?

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we went up to quaker city a few weeks ago on the recommendation of some people from the board. it was as bizarre as i'd hoped.

"my pockets are empty, i've spent my last dime,
but i just got to hear that song one more time."

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i meant smaller neighborhood markets. I'm looking to sell somethings but quakercity doesn't allow you to sell new merchandise.

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Lol, there's a dude with a desk, and some assorted what nots, out front of Planet Fitness.
And a furniture store re-appeared across the street in the parking lot of Thriftway.
Apparently, Fishtown is very pro free trade, and you can set up shop anywhere.

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Yeah i saw the sofa's yesterday while I was on the tredmill. I was very confused by how that was legal.

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Konrad Square this Saturday.

It's all so beautiful.