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Some things are going to change for me soon and I am going to need to purchase a laptop. I havent done so in 10 years. I realize I dont know what is going on, really.

I want to be under $700 in a midsize machine when all is said and done. No gaming or insane audio needed. Around 3-4 GB RAM but can do with less if the price is right. Long battery life and portability are important. I'd like to be around 4 lbs but I am not sure that is realistic. I currently work with a 14" screen but that is a little negotiable. I dont need the whole microsoft office suite to start, but word and excel are must haves.

Converting to the cult of Mac is not an option due to pricepoint.

I have been through Dell, Lenovo and HP through work machines with HP being my preference. I would never ever buy a Dell again. Ever.

Right now I am looking at the baseline HP dm4t. The dm3t and dm1 (basically the whole dm series) have a bunch of different options that I am trying to sort through. I am not wedded to this product, but it seems to fit relatively well into my requirements.

Does anyone have any advice on 1) best places for unbiased reviews 2) any experience buying something similar recently 3) advice/general help. I'm out of my league here and this forum is populated by a significant number of nerds.

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The best way to get us to help you is to definitely call us nerds.

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I'll take a look at these models later today. But honestly, just save up a bit more or dip into current savings and get a Macbook Pro. You can pick up a pretty decent refurbished one on the cheaper end.

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check for reviews. i love my toshiba galaxy, but i can't remember what model it is off the top of my head.

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I recommend Asus. good quality and price.

A Mac would be a complete waste unless you are doing music or graphic production.


newegg & tigerdirect are my two favorite go-to places for good prices

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and if you like brick & mortar, Best Buy will usually meet TigerDirect's prices, b/c TigerDirect has a CompUSA store in Delaware. However, it's a little trickier finding the exact same item when you're looking at full systems than when you're looking at accessories.

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If your not a in a rush and can afford to wait until a great deal comes up I can recomend . They frequently will have links or coupon codes for laptops from various manufacturers. Last April I was able to get a couple of stackable codes that discounted my laptop by about 35%.


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I don't know much about the technical end of computers, but I can tell you this.
I have a Toshiba Satellite. It has been dropped down a flight of wooden stairs, and had around 10 oz. of Diet Pepsi spilled onto the keyboard, and the only problem I had is the tab key stuck a little. So I just popped it off, cleaned it up, and it was fine.
Still working perfectly, after two years of abuse, and dirty fingered little kids who "wanna play games on the puter".

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We bought a Lenovo as a Christmas gift for my nephew and it is a nice laptop. For $339 including tax it has facial recognition and fingerprint reader. I don't have all the specs with me but the price was right and it is doing the job; BTW it is a 15" widescreen and the display is awesome. And, Lenovo is IBM.

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